RHS students react to the Wandavision finale


Fatou M'Baye

Wandavision, Marvel’s first release of Phase 4 of the MCU, has become a huge phenomenon. The show is one of Marvel’s best works to date. Blending classic sitcoms with romance, action, and mystery, Wandavision is like nothing Marvel has done so far. 

Unlike many other shows that come out on streaming services, Wandavision episodes were released on a weekly basis, which made the viewing experience so exciting and fun. Fans got to wait all week for an episode, and then discuss it with everyone afterwards when it was still fresh in their minds.

The huge online community surrounding the show led to a lot of hype for the much-anticipated finale, which came out last Friday. 

I personally loved the entire show, and RHS students’ reactions to the last episode were also very positive. 

“It was so good,” said junior Jacob Jividen. “10/10 would watch it again.”

Junior Payton Courtney said that she cried watching the last episode. “Wanda had created this world out of grief and then was taken advantage of by Agatha and then had to lose her children and Vision again,” she explained. 

The main theme of the show is grief, and the last few minutes of the finale were filled with sad goodbyes. The complexity of Wanda’s character was explored very well, and she is often misunderstood throughout the show. 

“The S.W.O.R.D. director guy tried to pin her as a villain when she was just trying to not grieve,” Courtney added. “And I thought Wanda was really smart making Agatha think that she was taking Wanda’s power away.”

Villain Agatha Harkness was played by Kathryn Hahn, and she was a fan favorite. Her villain reveal song “Agatha All Along” was stuck in everyone’s heads for weeks. The entire cast of Wandavision did a perfect job playing their roles; every single actor shone every time they were on screen. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany were incredible as Wanda and Vision. Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis, and Jimmy Woo were also super well-loved side characters. 

“Darcy and Jimmy were supposed to be comic relief but they were the best characters,” said Jividen. “I wonder if Monica is gonna get her own movie based on the scene from the after credits.”

The finale gave viewers a satisfying ending, but it left off with many cliffhangers and unanswered questions. The post-credits scenes hinted that there is a lot more in store for the characters of Wandavision.

“I liked the ending but it left some things unsolved which I’m gonna guess they did on purpose,” said Jividen. “Like where the other Vision went, does Monica have powers now, what happened to Agatha if she was supposed to be imprisoned in the hex but Wanda destroyed it? Overall it was really good and I think it helped Wanda grow into her identity as the Scarlet Witch.” 

Junior Isabella Rodriguez loves to read comics, so she has a lot of theories about the future of the characters from Wandavision. “I’m excited because the existence of Billy Maximoff in the Hex means he can be reincarnated into Billy Kaplan, AKA Wiccan, one of my faves among the new Avengers.”

Whatever happens next, everyone is definitely excited for the next installments in the MCU. It’s clear that Wandavision is an amazing show, and fans want to see more of the characters.