Serial- Is Adnan Syed Guilty? Senior English classes try to debunk the mystery

Maddie Walker, Reporter

For the past month, Mrs. Golden’s senior English classes have been listening to the podcast “Serial.” This podcast examines the case of Hae Lee and the convicted Adnan Syed.

Adnan is currently in jail for murder, but Sarah Keonig (the podcast narrator) thinks otherwise. This case has a lot of potholes, the State’s case is extremely thin. However, Adnan is still in jail.

English teacher, Robin Golden, talks about why she chose Serial. “I like the use of Serial because it’s a true story and upperclassmen can relate to the characters, ” Golden explains. “It also gives the students a chance to develop their listening skills while playing ‘detective.'”

Overall, this podcast is supposed to keep all students interested.

When asked what his favorite part of the podcast is, Chris LeSuer says, “Adnan’s call log fits Jay’s story well enough but the times do not always align or the locations the calls were made from.”

The end goal of this podcast is so students will make their own.

Cassie McCoy says, “My podcast idea is talking about how people influence other’s music taste.” She goes on to talk about interviewing people and talking about her three favorite genres. There will also be a research aspect.

This project is a new and innovative way for the students to do their public speaking. Overall this has caused a lot of discussions in English class and this case still has caused a lot of discussions in general.

So what do you think? Do you think Adnan is innocent? What about Jay?