Counseling Services Provides Services to Ease Stress from the Election

Maddie Walker, Reporter

Just recently, the counseling department sent out an email saying they will be providing counseling services that have to do with the stress of the 2020 election.

Today is the final day to vote, results will be revealed soon.

This is causing many students to stress, no matter who will win the debate.

An example of a student who is very stressed for their future and their loved one’s future is Lila Wagner-Gleeson.

Lila Wagner-Gleeson says, “I am most definitely stressed about this upcoming election, as a woman and as a friend and ally to many people of color.”

However, even though Lila has strong opinions she says, “I am also trying to keep an open mind and convert myself and others that we endured before, and we can endure again, despite the results.”

Jen Skvarch says, “We felt as a Department and school it was important to offer students extra support¬† because we understand the emotion during this time and felt it was necessary to reach out to students if they needed/wanted to talk. ”

Sophomore like Clara Mcpherson states, “I’m terrified. My rights as a young woman are at stake. The rights of anyone in this country who isn’t a straight, white, rich man in this country are at stake. I’m trying to stay hopeful.”

Some American citizens are fearful for their lives, their families’ lives, and their rights.

Sophomore Ana Starzyk says, “I feel threatened and a little scared even though I’m not usually a political person.”

As a  woman of color, Ana feels like she is threatened due to the color of her skin.

She continues with, “There is so much happening in this world to black people, sometimes I don’t even like being black.”

As a transgender man, Vincent Swango says that he “is absolutely terrified.”

Hopefully, these extra counseling services provided through our counseling department will be helpful, regardless of your political stances. Republican, democrat, liberal, independent, you name it, it is accepted and you have every right to feel the feelings you have.

Please do not hesitate to reach out and have the school counselors help calm your nerves.