Rare blue moon this Halloween

Fatou M'Baye, Editor-in-Chief

Attention werewolves! This Halloween, the sky across the entire United States will be lit up with a very rare moon.

Not only is tomorrow’s moon a full moon, but it is also considered a blue moon due to it being a second full moon of the month. 

The word “blue” doesn’t actually mean that the moon will be the color blue, but this moon is still a once in a generation event.

According to NASA, the last time there was a blue moon on Halloween that was visible in all time zones was 76 years ago, in 1944. A full moon on the holiday only happens every 19 years or so, and NASA doesn’t predict another full moon on Halloween until 2039. 

So how can you make sure to spot this rare moon tomorrow?

Experts predict that the moon will be at its brightest in the early morning, at 10:49 a.m. EST. But the moon will still be visible in the sky during the night, making this Halloween pretty spooky.

With the craziness that has been the year 2020, it seems only fitting that we would be witnessing something like this on Halloween. As the saying goes, this kind of stuff only happens “once in a blue moon.”