Don’t forget the other cough


A person with the common cold.

Charlotte Crowe, Columnist

In the blur that is COVID-19 the common cold and other illnesses seem to slip past the radar. Not that we forget about the other potential things bringing the same symptoms as COVID but are far more concerned with the ongoing pandemic and having to quarantine than a little cold. However this little cold seems to be sweeping through our school and classrooms, students are getting tested, staying home, and following the precautions of COVID-19, but it’s for a common cold. 

There are similarities of COVID and a cold that make it hard to tell the difference when both often include cough, sore throat, and runny or stuffy nose. The common practices we have established during the pandemic are staying home when sick, masking, and hand sanitizer or washing hands.

In an interview with Chris Dreher-Rodesheim, she says how her son’s school didn’t require masks and he was sick with a sinus infection within the first weeks of school. 

Dreher also stated, “I think COVID has complicated things because now we have to be concerned if it’s COVID, a common cold, or a breakthrough case if you’re vaccinated.”

Since the pandemic began 18 months ago people have spent a lot of time in public wearing masks and not around as many diseases because of the COVID precautions. But now, with people less concerned about COVID, we’re again being exposed to the viruses people have had less exposure to and had not built up antibodies to for a while. 

The best way to help yourself is washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, and if you’re sick, resting and staying home.