End of the year feels

Charlotte Crowe, Columnist

With as little as 43 days until graduation for the class of 2022 there is a mix of feelings in the air. Nostalgia as seniors walk the halls and see the photos hanging in the hallways of as far back as sophomore year. Seeing teachers you had in freshman year and have barely seen again, or seeing the teachers you have been close with the last four years of school hits a little harder as the day of graduation looms in the not so distant future. While there are many exciting events like prom, assemblies, and graduation of course, there are also the final tests, exams, and massive projects students dread. The first day of the AP exams starts the monday following prom, and for any AP chemistry or AP government students maybe don’t party too hard that weekend as those exams kickstart the few tense weeks cramming for test after test. 

For a few unlucky students their AP chemistry test falls at the same time as the E3 signing assembly. An assembly all students are included in to celebrate the enrollment, enlistment, or employment of the senior class. 

Senior Claire Fried is one of those students, and she and the other students missing the E3 event will get the chance to  walk out during another pep rally to make sure they still get to be included.

The last week of school for seniors will be filled with the local scholarship program Tuesday, the senior honors assembly and class picnic Thursday, then graduation rehearsal and commencement closing out the week on Friday. Then after we all go our separate ways.

Senior Mae Nettle says “I am excited for what’s next.” 

It would be a lie to say every senior is on top of their work and thrilled to be in school right now. Senioritis is a common “condition” affecting the vast majority of seniors as the week’s countdown after spring break. While the weather warms up and a few days out of the week aren’t always raining people wish to do anything but stay inside and study for exams and finish projects.