Roosevelt’s rainy April

Luke Jenkins, Columnist

The spring sports season is upon us, but with the already shortened time frame of the season, and the nature of weather in Ohio this April, this season can be characterized by one word: wet. Rain has plagued many of the teams at Roosevelt, throwing schedules up the wazoo, and creating conditions that are wild for the sports who brave rain, hail, even snow. 

For juniors and seniors, many are itching to have the opportunity to play this spring, after the cancellation of school sports in March 2020. The season is already pancaked between snow and spring break, and the end of school in late May. That essentially leaves April for the majority of games, matches, and track meets. With weather constraints, like the unstoppable rain, the time to play is short and swift.

Softball player and senior Megan Moser shared with a Colonel staff member that the team had only played “once,” when they should’ve had multiple games done. Maybe we will be seeing more double-headers from the team this year, so be sure to stay tuned and support the softball team this season!

The tennis team has also reportedly been struggling with the rescheduling of matches. Coach Sheila Shiu has resorted to prioritizing league matches over other competitions, in an effort to ensure the team has played all other members of the suburban league.

Busing is another issue that continues to affect programs this spring. Recently, the administration has allowed teams to be transported by either parents, or allowing students to drive only themselves or their siblings. The alternative is having to wait for hours before an available bus can arrive.

Nevertheless, our sports teams will continue to make Roosevelt proud! Be sure to watch a lacrosse game, take yourself out to a ballgame, cheer on some runners, or raise up a storm at a tennis match this spring. Our athletes are counting on you to bring the support, so they can play to the best of their abilities!