What to watch on Netflix this Valentine’s Day

Fatou M'Baye

Valentine’s day is on the horizon, but with movie theaters closed and Covid-19 spreading rapidly, the safest way to spend the day is at home. And what better way to celebrate in quarantine than by watching movies on Netflix?

Here are three romantic comedies you can watch on Netflix this Valentine’s Day, based on your favorite rom-com trope.

If your favorite trope is fake dating, then watch:

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Based on Jenny Han’s best selling book series, this movie is a super sweet high school rom-com. It’s about a shy girl named Lara Jean who makes a deal with the most popular boy in school to pretend to date after all of her love letters get sent out. Her love life becomes very messy, and in the process, she starts to come out of her shell. This is one of Netflix’s biggest hits, and the sequel has already come out. The third and final film Always and Forever, Lara Jean will be out on February 12th. If you’re a hopeless romantic and love classic high school rom coms like She’s All That and Sixteen Candles, this is for you.

If your favorite trope is enemies to lovers, then watch:

Set it Up

This film follows two NYC assistants who are overworked by their bosses. They both hate each other, but they team up to set up their bosses so that they can get the time off they both want. In the process, they end up realizing that they might not hate each other after all. If you like enemies to lovers rom coms and movies set in big cities like the Devil Wears Prada, this one is very fun and entertaining.

If your favorite trope is soulmates, then watch:

The Half of It

This movie isn’t actually about soulmates. Rather, it’s about whether soulmates exist, and the idea of finding your “other half.” It follows a nerdy and introverted girl named Ellie Chu who agrees to help a jock at her school win over a popular girl who Ellie secretly also likes. The story is about all of the different ways that you can love someone, whether it’s romantic, familial, or platonic. It’s an all-around beautiful coming of age film, and although romance isn’t the only focus, it’s definitely a love story. If you like quiet and tender films with a deeper meaning, then this movie will be perfect for you.