All Star Band Gone Virtual

Maddie Walker, Reporter

This past weekend, band members from Theodore Roosevelt High School attended the Kent State All-Star Band.

The format of this honor band was very different compared to what it has been in the past. Usually, it’s a three-day-long program, with a concert ending on a Sunday.

At this honor band, students got to take a masterclass, as well as listen to speakers.

Jodie Bradshaw is an Australian composer who answered questions attendees had, she touched on what it was like to be a composer, what inspires her, and her compositionĀ 13 Moons.

Next up was a Kent State professor, who touched on “What makes music sad.” This made band students think of things they have never thought of before and also see data of how people react to different pieces- for example, calm versus anxiety-producing.

Last but not least, famous composer John Mackey, and past Ohio resident, answered a Q+A. He joined the honor band very early in the morning, for he now resides in California. Mackey has composed pieces likeĀ Rocketship.

Isabella Kunsch states, “My favorite part (of the honor band) was hearing the two special guest composers talk about their journey through music and their creative process.”

The students who attended the honor band are as follows: Isabella Kunsch, Madison Walker, and Jocelyn Wiltanger.