Girls bowling team currently undefeated

Fatou M'Baye

The RHS girls varsity bowling team is having a great season right now with a 6-0 record. During their recent match against Tallmadge the team had a whopping 2259 series, which could be a new school record. 

“This year we have had a lot of consistent and high scores, which have led to some outstanding series for us,” says junior bowler Tara Sefchick. 

Unfortunately, the Suburban League preseason and postseason tournaments have been canceled due to Covid 19; there have also been big changes made to how bowling matches are conducted. 

“We can only allow six bowlers to be on the roster for a match at a time, which limits opportunities for everyone to bowl in every match,” Sefchick says.

During the matches, students wear masks and social distance among themselves, while also staying away from the other team. “Usually we bowl with the other team at the same time on the same pair of lanes,” explained Tara. “But this year we’re on completely separate pairs of lanes, so bowling gets done a bit quicker and is a lot safer!”

Despite the changes made to the season, the girls bowling team is making the best of the situation by continuing their winning streak. Their next match is an away match against Copley on January 26th. 

“Every member of the team has put in the effort to get us to where we are now, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds!” Tara says.

Senior Ryan Rhinehart bowls at a match. Photo by Dr. Roebke.