DECA raises money for a multi-sensory room

Maddie Walker, Reporter

DECA has been known for doing projects to help the world and our community. This time, DECA is creating a multi-sensory room for those with autism.

Seniors, Ethan Steffl, Sydney Heath, and Maddy Baynes are the project organizers for this.

Sydney Heath says the inspiration came from her mom’s work.

She continues with, “My mom works for a pediatric dental office that has created an office that is centered toward children with Down Syndrome and Autism all across the spectrum.”

Heath is hoping that this room will be beneficial to those who need a safe space to go in the school and calm down.

Multi-sensory rooms have proven to help develop sensory skills and create a calm atmosphere.

Steffl says, “Deciding on the items will depend on how much money we have raised.”

There was a fundraiser at the River Merchant on December 15th and a previous one at Cane’s.

Mr. Pfeiffer, the DECA advisor, is heart warmed by this project. He says, “It’s really humbling to see our students dedicate their time, energy, and resources for the service of others. I could not be more proud of them!”

Mr. Pfeiffer also adds his gratitude for the administration, “We are very grateful for the support of our administration; especially Mr. Love and Dr. Gates. Without their support, this project would not have been possible.”