Kent Families Celebrating The Holidays Differently

Over the years, families get together, no matter how big or small, for the holidays. However, due to COVID-19, this year will be really different.

Mike Dewine now set a new law that only six people can be in a household at a time.

Portage County has now entered purple, causing Kent Roosevelt to go all online.

Senior, Carolyn Molina says, “We won’t be going to my grandma’s house like normal, and we are just going to celebrate together as a family at home.”

She continues with, “We will probably order Chinese food, which is already a tradition of ours!”

So for the Molinas, despite the change of being unable to visit their grandma, some traditions are still in place, like ordering Chinese food.

Some people only spend Christmas with their immediate family, so little to no change is taking place.

Ryan Booher says, “We don’t usually see anybody except immediate family.”

Social distance is also an option for some people but may be uncomfortable due to the chilly weather.

Freshmen, Delaney Sefchick comments, “Well, we aren’t going to have a large family gathering and if we do see anyone, we will keep it socially distanced, which would be really weird.”

Chanukah is another holiday also being affected by this virus.

Junior Griffin Pahls says, “Normally we would have tons of family over, but due to the state of the world we have decided to have a group facetime when we open our present so we can all be together and see what everyone received.”

Overall, Coronavirus has forced change, but some change is good. People have had to think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions. This year will be different, but the holidays will always have the excitement and cheer to go along with.