Riders Crush the Ravens!

Maddie Walker, Reporter


On November 6th, 2020, the Kent Rough Riders went head to head with their rival, the Ravenna Ravens.

What set this game apart from others, was that the seniors were able to attend and cheer on their team.

How did the seniors manage to get tickets?

The football, cheerleader, and band families all came together and some kids sacrificed their tickets to let some of the seniors attend. This shows just how loving and caring the Kent Community is.

The generosity of these families did not go unnoticed. Seniors were very thankful to attend and felt like it made this unpredictable year had a silver lining.

Senior Faith Kaminski says, “I was so thankful and excited that we were actually able to go to the football game. It was so exciting to be in the stands for the first and last time.”

The final score, Kent 37, Ravenna 7.

Cheer Team Captain Ava Bozich says, “I am so thankful that I was able to have my senior season. This game was the perfect way to end this chapter of my life.”

Bozich states, “I am so proud to be a rider.”

This was the final time for football players and the band to perform during a game.

“It was a great way to end my time in the Roosevelt Marching band,” says senior Brandon Harvey. “The last night under the lights with my fellow musicians, doing what we love most, playing great music.”

As a whole, being able to give the seniors a final rivalry game was very important.

This whole event just goes to show how hard the school is working to give the seniors something to make up for all taken away during Covid-19.