Student Council attempts to give students a Homecoming to remember

Maddie Walker, Reporter

 Student Council is collaborating with Booster Club on making a homecoming dinner happen. This dinner is a senior exclusive event. The event would give seniors a chance to get together safely and make memories. 

The decided theme was “The Stars are Out Tonight.” Which is going to be kind of like a starry night with lots of twinkling lights. 

Credit for this idea comes from Student Council as they were trying to reinvent Homecoming for this year.

Student Council President Jillian Hannah says, “We are hoping that it will give the seniors an opportunity to get together and create memories with one another.”

“I think this allows us to have a ‘normal’ event still happening and keep some excitement within the school year,” Jillian says.

The event will be catered by Special Moments Catering and the maximum amount of students would be the entire senior class. Vegetarian and vegan options will be present and desserts have been made by volunteers.

There are four people to a table. When it comes to tickets, you must buy your tickets at the same time as the people you want to sit with, there may also be a reservation option as well. 

When it comes to the dance, there will be a virtual event, on twitch, where you can send in photos of you and your friends dressed up as well as listen to the same music as everyone else. The DJ, Omara, has been working relentlessly on this event.

Mrs.Dreher says, “Omara has worked very hard on finding a virtual platform to provide our students with a homecoming dance even though we can not be in the gym tomorrow”

Omara cares so much about Roosevelt because he is an alumnus. 

Overall, people are working hard to get something special for the seniors, especially since this is their final year and COVID19 makes things difficult. 

If you have any ideas for possible events that are Coronavirus friendly, feel free to suggest them.

Also, upload your photos here to be represented in the 2020-2021 yearbook!