Students socialize safely

Fatou M'Baye, Editor-in-Chief

Back in March, when schools started to close and events were getting canceled because of the Coronavirus, Roosevelt students were expecting a simple three-week quarantine, and then a return back to “normal.” But six months later, with nearly 7 million cases of Covid-19 in the U.S. and no end in sight to the pandemic, it’s clear that nothing will be going back to “normal” anytime soon. 

While not seeing any friends for three weeks was bearable, as months passed, most teenagers were itching for social interaction. RHS students have been coming up with ways to make the most of the 2020-2021 school year by hanging out with friends from a distance. 

Movie theaters were closed for most of the quarantine, and even now it’s still a big risk to see a film on the big screen. However, it isn’t impossible to watch movies with your friends. Since the pandemic, people have been flocking to one place for their film fix: drive-in theaters. 

“I love going to the drive-in,” says Junior Isabella Rodriguez. “I loved going there before quarantine, but now it’s become a good alternative to the movie theater.” Isabella enjoyed the Marvel movie marathon this summer at The Midway Drive-In Theater in Ravenna.  “I think it’s good to support industries that are going out of style,” she explains. “There’s a certain charm to watching a movie at the drive-in.”

 For most of the summer, the fall sports season was up in the air, another uncertainty. Once fall sports were approved and the season was underway, RHS students have been socializing with their teammates.“Playing tennis has been my main way to socialize,” senior Lian Valesco admitted. Tennis is considered a low-risk sport because it’s non-contact and outdoors. However, other sports, like football and soccer, are a lot harder to play safely. 

“I see my friends during dance rehearsals,” says freshman NyAshia Gooden Clarke. “We wear masks and we have the doors open for filtration. It’s definitely different, but we still talk and laugh and have fun. It’s just nice to see people.”

Among most Roosevelt students, the main way to keep in touch during the pandemic has been meeting outside. Sophomore Clara Macphearson tells the Colonel, “I’ve been face-timing my friends a lot. Sometimes I invite them to my house and we hang out with masks outside. My parents aren’t allowing sleepovers!” Sophomores Lola Snyder and Abbey Jones added, “We go downtown and walk around.”

“It’s definitely been interesting,” says Junior Jacob Jividen on socializing during Covid-19. “Trying to keep everyone distanced properly and wearing a mask 24/7 can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s always fun to just walk around downtown and maintain our distance or even just FaceTiming and talking about our days.” Jacob further explained that since staying outside is the best option, he often just walks around with friends. “If some friends and I are walking around downtown we’ll usually have one or two people go into a store or restaurant to not crowd it, and then we’ll sit down and eat together, all while keeping our distance.”

Even with a pandemic, Roosevelt students are still finding ways to socialize. During a time where everyone is feeling isolated, even just chatting with someone can help make you feel less lonely. Whether it’s face timing, taking a walk, or watching a movie at the drive-in, there are many ways to see other people and have fun while still being safe.