Christmas Music at Roosevelt


Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey

Theo Bednar, Staff Writer

Is there one favorite Christmas song at TRHS, or many?

When I first started working on this article for The Colonel, I did not expect to receive the results that I got. However, the variety in the responses led me to have a deeper appreciation for the diversity in our school. In November, I started asking students what their favorite Christmas song is. Instead of there being one favorite Christmas song that won by a far margin, there were many competing choices, which goes to show the diversity in our school.

The three songs that got the most attention were “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” (Mariah Carey), “War is Over,” (John Lennon), and “Last Christmas,” (Wham). “All I Want for Christmas is You,” got a total of six votes while the other two tied with five votes each. But after that, the favorite Christmas song votes are all over the place. Some people voted for “Christmas Tree Farm,” (Taylor Swift) while others voted for “Little Drummer Boy,” (believed to be written by Katherine K. Davis) or “Good King Wenceslas” (John Mason Neale). This is where my research surprised me.

Out of the 50 students I interviewed, there were a total of 26 different songs that students voted for. I originally thought that there would be a clear winner. For example, I believed that “Deck the Halls,” would receive a total of 30 votes with little competition from other songs. Instead, students choose from a myriad of song choices, as can be seen by the 26 different songs that students voted for.

Each person has their own liking and their own taste. With the 50 people I interviewed, and the total of 26 songs, it goes to show how diverse and different each soul at Kent Roosevelt really is. Of course, there will be some shared favorite Christmas songs, but for the most part, song choices were mixed up with the 20+ different Christmas songs. This is just a small example of the uniqueness and diversity in Kent. Each person that walks these halls has their own story, their own life and view on the world. Song choice is just one of the many examples that make Kent Roosevelt so unique.

What I think would be interesting is to see results from different schools around us, such as Tallmadge or Stow. Keep the number of people who were interviewed the same, and see if the diversity changes or if there is a clear winner at one of these schools. Unfortunately, I am unable to do this.

In conclusion, I was greatly shocked by the results that I received from interviewing students. I see now that I shouldn’t have been. We all brush past the fact that each person in our lives has their own story, their own mission in life that they would like to live out someday, and their own unique passions and traits. Even though we all come from the same area or school, we are all different in a good way. So when you are walking these halls, take a look around. You never know what you could find.