Big events to look out for


Charlotte Crowe, Columnist

With the second semester speeding by there are many things to look forward to. An in-person graduation ceremony for seniors is something that comes as a pleasant surprise after what seems like an endless pandemic. It is planned to be Friday, May 27th, at Kent State University, certainly a big finish to the week for our senior class. The seniors are also planning a senior sunset, with more information about this exciting event to become available at the senior assembly on February 17th.  The class of 2023 will be invited to the prom being held on April 30th, an outcome some were skeptical would even happen after the senior-only prom held in 2021. In an interview with Junior Zoe Bailey, she says, “ I am really excited because I think dances are better with larger numbers. Also since seniors and juniors are usually close and share a lot it’ll be nice so people get to go with more friends. Especially for me since I’m in a majority senior friend group.”

For our sophomore and freshman class who haven’t experienced Roosevelt before Covid-19, they now get to share in the fun of the dance that falls between homecoming and prom. It is hosted by Student Council. This dance is off-campus, so for all freshmen and sophomores, this could be a great experience to get to know one another outside of school. This year has been fortunate in having our sports teams be able to pack in their fans and have the student section cheer them on.