New crystal shop opens its doors in downtown Kent


Source: @hippiefoxrocks on Instagram

Fatou M'Baye, Editor

There’s a cool new spot on the block–Hippie Fox Rocks, an independent rock shop, recently opened at 155 E. Main St in Acorn Alley. They specialize in selling high-quality rocks, polished stones, geodes, and crystals. The store also has a variety of other things, including wind chimes, backpacks, and many handcrafted “hippie” items. Hippie Fox Rocks even has a jewelry selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. 

Crystals have become very popular with Gen Z in recent years, and many TRHS students collect them. Senior Jake Jividen is one of those students.

 “I’ve been collecting crystals for about a year and a half. They’re pretty, and they make me feel good,” said Jividen. He makes his own crystal jewelry and wears it often. “I buy quite a few crystals, and there are times when I just feel creative and start wrapping them in wire and attaching them to chains,” he explained. “What I usually do is I’ll wear a necklace for the intention that I want to set for the day. There’s a different necklace for everything, depending on what I want to feel that day.” Jividen hasn’t been to Hippie Fox Rocks yet, but he has heard of it and would definitely like to visit soon. 

Freshman Miranda Hermon is also a crystal lover, and she recently went to Hippie Fox Rocks for the first time. It is now her favorite place to shop for crystals in Kent. 

“Some stuff was more on the expensive side, but overall it had a pretty good selection,” said Hermon. “Most of it was affordable; most stuff was three dollars. They had some crystals that were the size of a quarter and only three dollars.” 

“It’s pretty friendly and they give you a free sticker,” she added. Hermon noted that Hippie Fox Rocks had nice staff and great packaging. She would recommend the store to other crystal collectors as a place to buy new additions to their collections while also supporting a local business.