The new fad at TRHS


One such account, @trhs.badparking

Ben Pazderak, Writer

Ever fallen asleep in class? The most that probably happened was your teacher getting a little mad or a couple snickers from classmates. Due to a recent trend however, you now have to worry about being posted publicly for the whole school to see.

In the past few weeks, Roosevelt has blown up on Instagram with multiple accounts being created. The original account was @trhsaffirmations, an account that posts memes “affirming” calmness and positivity. This account followed suit of many other affirmation pages from major universities.

Soon after, other people wanted to get in on the fame. The account @trhs.badparking highlights the worst parking jobs in the student lot. Humorous and harmless, the account blocks out license plates, and had many new posts when the lot wasn’t plowed on Monday, November 30.

Even more accounts were created soon after. @trhs_chair simply takes pictures of a special chair that is in different locations around the school. @trhs_clocks only posts pictures of clocks around the school, with the captions mentioning the time.

Other accounts are more controversial. @trhs_pooping shows pictures of students’ shoes from under stalls in the bathroom. Some students may feel uncomfortable even going to the bathroom for fear of being featured on the account. The same goes for @rhscaughtshlumped, which pictures students who have fallen asleep in class. 

For now, it seems as though the bathroom accounts have been stopped. Officer Poe announced that taking pictures of other students in the bathroom is considered a misdemeanor crime. Fear of apprehension has led to students phasing out the accounts, with one Instagram bio reading “this account is over (for legal reasons).”

Overall, the accounts have blown up. Some students are annoyed by them, others think they are hilarious. Junior Cassie Holman states, “I don’t really care about them either way.” Holman found some of the accounts funny, but others as just a grasp for attention. “At the end of the day, I got about 15 more followers because of the accounts, so I don’t really mind,” she stated.

While these accounts may seem fun, they are nothing worth getting in trouble over. If you make an account, make sure it is appropriate and not something you’ll regret later.