Record canned food drive for Kent City Schools


Fatou M'Baye, Editor

This year’s canned food drive was a massive success and a record for Kent City Schools. RHS alone collected over 14,000 cans, and the school district collected over 20,000 items in total.

The two weeks of the drive were a very fun and competitive time at Roosevelt. Each grade competed to collect the most cans, and students could bring their items in to any of the three teachers collecting for their grade. Both teachers and students motivated people to bring in items. After two weeks of intense rivalries, the juniors caught up to the seniors’ lead and won the class competition with a total of over 6,000 items. 

The Leadership Retreat delegates then gathered on Saturday, November 20th to sort, count, and transport all of the cans to Kent Social Services. “There was such a good vibe in the building,” said Mrs. Dreher, one of the Leadership Retreat advisors. “I’ve never seen Kent Social Services so full, in all the years that I’ve been doing this.” 

“Kids were excited, teachers were excited, people were having fun,” she continued. “There was healthy competition, but people came together.” Roosevelt and the entire Kent community united in an amazing way to help those in need.