A bowling bananza at Theodore Roosevelt

Luke Jenkins, Columnist

The Riders are set to run the bowling lanes this coming winter, so to hear all about the girl’s bowling team and their many triumphs, the Colonel talked to senior Tara Sefchick about both the team’s past and their future. She’s a bowling aficionado who boasted the highest average for high school girls in Portage County during the 2020-2021 season.

Last year, the group had a series of great successes, meaning this season the girls are looking to “defend the Suburban League title, and to hopefully have another undefeated season!” On the subject of their record, Sefchick also notes, “[w]e’ve only lost one match during the past two seasons, so we’re going to work extra hard to keep up this winning streak.”

This year also features more athletes on the team than Sefchick has ever seen in her four years on the team. “I think part of that is due to the success of our program for the past few years,” but, she goes on to say “bowling is also a sport that’s relatively quick to pick up and learn.”

This, however, is by no means saying the sport is easy. “It may be easy to learn, but it’s hard to master!” Bowling demands a wide variety of skill, patience, and restraint to truly excel, even if it’s one that Sefchick says “you can always turn to for fun.” Make sure to voice your support for the team as they hope to continue their streak and make our school proud.