Roosevelt’s Top Artist


Cooper Liedtke

Ryan Barkley, Columnist

There are many people with many different talents at Kent Roosevelt, whether it is being great at a sport, or being a good singer, one of those talented students is Cooper Liedtke.

Cooper is a senior here at Theodore Roosevelt High School. He is on the soccer team, plays the trombone, and is planning to join the tennis team. In addition to that he is one of the best artists in our school.

Liedtke has been making art since he was about three years old and stuck with it because he realized he was talented and he really enjoyed it. He mostly enjoys pen and pencil drawings, when asked what inspires his art he said “The people around me” he also said that he enjoys drawing other people but he also enjoys drawing many different things. 

Cooper plans to continue his art into college, but he is undecided about where he plans to go and what he wants to do. He has visited a few colleges so far some of those include Syracuse, the Pratt Institute of Art, and the Cleveland Institute of Art. To get into a good art school he needs to put together a portfolio containing some of his best art pieces. Syracuse is currently his top choice, wish him luck!