Lighting up the football season


A previous Script Kent

Ben Pazderak, Columnist

This Friday, October 22, 2021, will be the 44th edition of Script Kent by the TRHS Marching Band. 

Said to be “Our Most Cherished Tradition,” every marching season is capstoned by the glowing performance after the final home football game. If you haven’t seen this tradition before or can’t make the game, here’s what goes down:

 The performance starts with a band rendition of Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, as the band heads toward the backfield. As the song ends, the band reaches their stopping point around 10 yards from the far sideline. All of a sudden, the lights shut off, and the band members take the construction paper off their legs to reveal brightly colored glow sticks.

Modeled off of Script Ohio by the Ohio State Marching Band, the band plays the upbeat tune French National Defile. The band weaves back and forth, and then marches down the 25-yard line toward the home stands. Slowly but surely, each letter is spelled out in cursive: K-e-n-t. The drumline forms the curve of the e, and the 3 sousaphones dash the t.

Once every band member has reached their place, the band finishes the last repeat in French National Defile. This then starts the penultimate portion of the performance, Rock’n’Roll. As the tune is played, everyone in the crowd is encouraged to sing along, singing “hey! We’re number one!” After Rock’n’Roll, the band marches off the field to Victory March for the final time for the season. 

Junior Parker Balan, quad player in the drumline, loves Script Kent. “The glowing lights on my drums are my favorite part,” Balan stated. Senior Reese Campana shares the sympathy for the show. “I love watching my friends in the show and being able to talk to them after,” he said.

If you haven’t attended a game this year, this Friday’s is the one to catch. Not only will the football team have a competitive matchup against Cuyahoga Falls, but there will be a wonderful show at the end. Make sure to be there!