The Ohio Grassman: Fact or Fiction?

There’s something in the woods.


A recent Ohio Bigfoot sighting

Ezra Turner

It’s big. It’s hairy. It has an unearthly screech that sounds like it’s from the depths of hell. It terrorizes rural homesteads. It might just be a man in a camouflage suit. It is the Ohio Grassman. 

Our very own bigfoot, the Grassman has a long and storied history. Originally spotted in 1978 in Minerva, Ohio it reportedly would regularly harass local families and in one disturbing case, strangling a family pet. The deputies who investigated the sightings and violent occurrences still maintain, to this day, that they were not a hoax.

After a period of relative inactivity, the Grassman was again spotted in the swamps around Kenmore, Ohio. Although it wasn’t seen, a cast of a 3-pronged humanoid foot was made from the tracks found there. 

This unusual and relatively social behavior makes the Grassman the most aggressive variation of Bigfoot. The Grassman has been sighted dozens of times since 2000, most frequently in our very own Portage County. It’s been seen lurking around Kendall Lake, stalking unsuspecting fishermen. It is said to currently live in the woods of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, but these reports are as of yet unconfirmed. When asked about the prospect of Sasquatch in his own backyard, Senior Kyle Schmidt had this to say, “I really hope it’s true because it’s really fascinating, but on the other hand, he’s much more violent and I own three small dogs and fear for their safety.” Schmidt, and multiple others, have every right to be afraid for their pets about the threat the Grassmen pose.

A reported sighting of Bigfoot in Ashland, Ohio

When next you wander in the woods, bring a camera. You might be so lucky as to capture a blurry picture of what may or may not be a Grassman. Or maybe it’ll just be a tree. The beauty of it is that we will never know for certain.