Chargers Charge Back


Cooper Liedtke, Columnist

The Cleveland Browns suffered an upsetting loss this Sunday, October 10th, in a close game against the Los Angeles Chargers. The final score of the game was 42-47, but those who watched it knew how much of a roller coaster this game was. Both offenses were playing very well with multiple 50-yard touchdown passes. While both offenses were scoring left and right the defenses on both teams were crumbling. 

In the first quarter the Browns kicked for three points from Chase McLaughlin. The Chargers scored seven points in the first quarter. 

In the second quarter the, Browns scored 17 points. This started with a Touchdown throw from Mayfield to Higgins. Following the touchdown the Chargers connected for a 72-yard reception and landed another six points bringing the score to 10-13, with the Chargers missing the extra point. Then late in the second quarter, Hunt and Chubb led the team down the field and Hunt finished it with a three yard run into the end zone. With 46 second left in the second quarter, the Browns forced a big fumble on the Chargers 23-yard line. McLaughlin ends up kicking for three points, bringing the score to 20-13 at halftime.

 Early in the third quarter, the Browns scored another touchdown with Chubb weaving in and out of the Chargers blocks, running for a 52 yard touchdown. This brings the score to 27-13. Midway through the third quarter the Chargers retaliated with a touchdown run from their quarterback, Justin Herbert. The Chargers went for two and successfully brought the score to 27-21.

 As the fourth quarter began the Chargers started off early with a 42-yard reception, leading to a Chargers touchdown. The Chargers now have the edge at 27-28. The Browns retaliated with another big touchdown pass by Mayfield, received by Njoku. The Browns go for two and the score is now 35-28. The Chargers tie it up with a quick touchdown midway through the fourth quarter. A couple minutes later Chubb and Hunt are back at it again, running wild down the field for the Browns. Hunt finishes the opportunity with an eight-yard touchdown run. The Browns are back on top at 42-35. Soon after, the Chargers make a couple big plays and run the ball in for another touchdown. However, for the second time this game the Chargers kicker misses the extra point. This leaves the Browns with a tight lead of 42-41 with only three minutes left in the game. Unfortunately, the Chargers make quick work and get right back down to the Browns end zone. With the chargers carrying the ball the browns pushed them into the end zone for the chargers 7th touchdown of the game. The Chargers get the two point conversion to seal the deal at 42-47. The Browns tried desperately in the final minutes of the game with a couple huge passing attempts from Mayfield, however in the end they weren’t able to connect. The Chargers took the win bringing the Chargers record to 4-1 and the Browns to 3-2. 

While they may not have come out on top this game the Browns have definitely conquered the offensive slump of years past. With that said, be sure to keep your eye out for the future of the Cleveland Browns.